Common Mallow


Malva sylvestris Native wildflower. Another malva beauty! It's a real challenge for me to decide between her and her 'sisters', the "Hollyhock Mallow", the "Mauritanian Malva", the "Mallow White Musk". This one has...

Mauritanian Malva


Malva sylvestris ssp. mauritiana Another cottage garden favorite. We're talking a lavish flowering time (it blooms for weeks), a wonderful color (a sort of deep pink-purple), and it's undemanding too. This low-maintenance plant enhances...

Borage (Gurkenkraut)


Borago officinalis Easy and low-maintenance, borage will happily grow in flower beds and pots (preferably deep). It self-seeds vigorously and is a natural slug repellent.Bees and other beneficial insects love its blossoms....



Chamomilla recutita/Matricaria chamomilla Native wildflowerOne of the oldest medicinal plants. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't had a cup of chamomile tea for its calming effect or to...

Cornflower "Centaurea Cyanus"


Centaurea cyanus Native wildflower An entirely uncomplicated summer flower. If you love blue, this one will be right up your alley. Combined with the common poppy and chamomile, it once grew...

Hollyhock Mallow


Malva alcea (organic) Native wildflower.Gorgeous pink flowers blossom abundantly and make for very happy insects. Bees, bumblebees and butterflies love them.Totally undemanding and easy to cultivate. Full disclosure, I find...

Gypsophila "Monarch White"


Gypsophila elegans, open-pollinated Enchanting, delicate flowers add a touch of airiness and romance to any flower bed. Totally undemanding and flowering abundantly.  This no-fuss starter plant is really easy to grow. Perfect for filling gaps in summer flower beds...

Queen Anne's Lace/Bishop's Weed


Ammi majus First things first – because these two plants are often lumped together: Queen Anne's lace (Ammi majus) and Bishop's weed (Ammi visnaga) are not the same plants. They look very similar, so you'll often...

Yarrow "Summer Berries"


Achillea millefolium This one is a really unusual yarrow variety and simply enchanting. True to her name, you’ll find the whole range of pastel shades, all the way from light blush to...

Columbine "Petticoat Pink"


Aquilegia vulgaris plena One-of-a-kind, semi-double blooms. She gracefully drifts through your spring flower beds and does her name justice: she really does look as if she’s wearing a Victorian petticoat....

Cupid's Dart


Catanache caerulea I woke up one morning and Cupid's Dart was somehow just there. Right in the middle of the gravel. Probably popped over from a neighbouring garden? Ever since...

Cosmos "Sweet Kisses"


Cosmos bipinnatus As far as I'm concerned, no summer is complete without cosmos. I have a particular soft spot for "Sweet Kisses" – she's both, low-maintenance and has the most striking ruffled flowers....

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